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Created 31-Mar-13
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Full Moon DamGlen Canyon AerialLake Powell AerialGunsight Butte AerialHoodoosLee's Ferry ArtifactsSecret CanyonLake Powell; Purple MoonriseLake Powell; Cascade Canyon SparklesLake Powell; Slot ReflectionLake Powell; Light Beam, Clear CreekLake Powell; LaGorce ArchLake Powell; Great Alcove, Fifty Mile CanyonLake Powell; Confluence of the San Juan ArmLake Powell; Dominquez Butte with Tessellated ForegroundLake Powell; Padre Bay SunriseLake Powell; North Padre BayLake Powell; Last Light at Padre BayLake Powell; Tumbleweeds at Dawn, Padre CoveErosion Potholes

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