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Created 3-Mar-12
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Spring in the desert can be a spectacular event and its short visit makes spring that much more precious.
Poppies and Lupine, Bush Hwy, AZMexican Gold PoppyLast Light on the Lupines, Bartlett Lake AZCactus Blooms, Scottsdale Sonoran PreserveLupinePeridot Mesa 2BrittlebushFisheye Sahuaro Skeletons, Near Castle Hot Springs Road, AZBacklighted Cactus BloomPeridot Mesa 1Peridot Mesa 3"Albino" PoppyMexican Gold PoppyTurtlebackSolitary BloomChollas and Hedgehog Blooms Scottsdale Sonoran PreserveOwl CloverAn arc of brittlebush, Scottsdale Sonoran PreserveCactus Bloom

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