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Created 17-Nov-13
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I've been involved for many years with an educational nonprofit which works exclusively in Guatemala. It is a privilege to work with the people in the Western Highlands, and even more so to catch a glimpse into their lives. Enjoy.
El Arco ReflectedSchoolgirls HuddledVolcan Fuego, GuatemalaShyKite DanceLike SistersAtitlan FishermanAfter ChurchAfter Church 1, Santiago Atitlan, GuatemalaBeauty, La Joya School, GuatemalaLa Antigua Guatemala as seen from Cero De La Cruz (The Hill of the Cross)Elder, San Martin Jilotepeque GuatemalaWorshiper, Santiago Atitlan GuatemalaLenten Procession, Antigua GuatemalaLake Atitlan, Guatemala

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