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Created 17-Nov-13
39 photos

I grew up in California and over the last few years have been revisiting some locations close to my heart.
Bent Pier 2, San Clemente, CASunset Behind the Pier, San Clemente CASitka Spruce ForestTree Island, Sonoma County CAJumper, Alabama Hills, CAPredawn Moonset, Owens Valley, CAMoonset over the Sierra, Owens Valley, CABright Dawn, Joshua Tree NPPlanet Salt, Death Valley, CABixby Bridge with Car Trails, CACarmel CA Wave with RainbowDoud Creek CADeath Valley National ParkDeath Valley National ParkSonoma County CASan Clemente, CAEmerald Bay, Lake Tahoe CABubble Man, San Clemente CALee Flat, Death Valley National ParkAlabama Hills, CA

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